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What Are The Best Tire For Your Tractor?

Getting the right tires for your tractor can be quite as complex as you think. There are many things to consider. In fact, there are lots of types of tractors that have corresponding tires according to its model. There is no easy way of choosing the right tire for your tractor, it isn’t as simple as going down to the tractor shop and pick up a tire on a that fits and then spends a load of money. It just ain’t use to that way.

Actually, there are 4 types of tires for tractors. They are Turf tires, Industrial tires, and Ag tires. All of which has a different role into different types of tractors. Considering those type of tires must be the main focus before buying a new one.

Considering some purpose, it always depends on the size of your machine and what will you use it for, as for what I have said, the tractor tires has its own unique features that I will breakdown.

Turf Tractor Tire

Turf Tires: If what you aim for is just mowing your lawn or plowing snow, then turf tires are the best choice for you. They offer quite minimal disturbance of grass and other sensitive areas.     It also features maximize flotation so they are not quite hard to maneuver even in sandy grounds and they are easy to stabilize. They have treads that provide solid forwarding, reversing as well as lateral traction.

R4 Composite Tire

R4 Composite Worksite: R4 are mostly used on hard ground. It is made of a harder composite compound. These kind of tires are quite resistant to asphalt, concrete as well as gravel. This kind of tires offers a wide surface area which spreads the overall pounds per square inch. This just means it has less stress on your tires and giving you up some good traction.

AG Tractor Tires

AG Tires: These tires are what we see as the big ones with big treads. Because of that, they can handle difficult terrains like muddy fields. They also can tear up a lawn if you ever try one for your lawn care. They are not made for long distance asphalts or concrete.

Industrial Tractor Tire

Industrial Tires: These tires are the ones we see mostly on forklifts, skidders, loaders, backhoes and forestry equipment. These tires are hard so they can withstand punctures, tears, and gouges as well.

Coming onto selecting the right tires for your tractor, it is very important to understand first what you’re trying to accomplish for your daily work. Make sure that you have gone through the expected workload for the tractors or visit your nearest tractor shop.

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