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Tractors are second to man's best friend for farmers its power and reliability helps the farmer ease all the hard work and help get your farming job done in a jiffy. But everything has its own limit, too much use of something might lead to getting worn out even for giant tractors, if not really taken care of, it would definitely break down.

Tractors need its weekly maintenance and care just like as many equipment. To keep your tractor going, you have to make a routine of how you can take care of your tractor. I promise you, if you do this, you can dodge the costly service of your tractor and you'll utilize your tractor in many years to come!

If you really don't know how to take care of your tractor or doesn't have the right tools to use for maintenance, you can always opt out to servicing company near you. For most of Australian, whose major in agriculture tend to go to A&R Engineering. A&R Engineering is one of the best tractor maintenance shops in Donnybrook, Australia. They are one of the most respected tractor services that provides customer's tractor or any other vehicle maintenance, they provide such service with very reasonable price and they also teach you on how to take care of your tractor once and for all.

But not all the time you should opt out on getting someone to do your maintenance work, you must have your own knowledge on checking your tractor because it is a standard of the procedure so that you'll know what you will do for your if any case your tractor has stopped working on its full limit. Below are some tips you might want to consider to make your tractor always getting ready to go.

  • Always check your tractor's tires

Tractor reliability of maneuvering always relies on tires, if your tires are not good, most probably your tractor will not move according to its potential. Tractors tires must be kept in good condition so that your tractor can run long and have efficiency on fuel consumption. Don't let your tractors tire get worn down as it will not be used effectively. Always check your tires if the air is correct according to its PSI. Check if there are nails, thorns, shards of woods or metal that are stuck on the tires to avoid the unexpected blow of the tires while running.

  • Always check the fluids

Checking the fluids of your tractor is also necessary like gas, oils, hydraulic fluid, coolant, and the transmission fluid is important and must be maintained on the standard level. You must check this fluid if this is on the standard level most especially if you're using your tractor every day to keep your tractors performing at its peak level.

  • Check air filter

Always remember that you're using your tractor in a very dusty place you must always check the air filter daily to keep off the dirt and dust to avoid it from getting on the engine. If you're not gonna do this, it can be very harmful to the engine and might lead to something more problematic. A clogged air filter and the engine will probably have your tractor affecting its peak performance.

  • Keeping it clean

Best way to keep your tractor good looking is to always keep it clean. If you have it working for 12 hours a day in a hot, dry, humid, dirty and dusty place the filters, paints will be worn down. If you try to keep it clean after use, you will see that the performance of the tractor will stay the same. A good cleaning for once or thrice a week will keep it from getting rusty and avoid the wear and tear as well as dings of your tractor.

  • Check the breaks

This is almost self-explanatory, you'll risk your own life if you don't check your brakes daily just like a car, if you're using it daily, you must check the most important thing and that is the break.

  • Lubricate it more often

In order to make your tractor function well, it needs to be lubricated. Make sure to check all the necessary gears and fluids that you know can affect its performance and have it on the standard level.

These are the tips of taking care of your tractor to make it last longer. But you cannot make it last long for life, if you're using your tractor almost every day, the best way to keep it from going is to do this little tips. If you want to upgrade or replace your old tractor, it is always best to go to A&R Machinery in Donnybrook, Australia. It has the best brands of tractors that you can choose from. They also offer maintenance services if you want to make your tractor last long.

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